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Work Placement in Canada

Your choice of career path requires you to meet specific health and safety standards as outlined by federal regulations and protocols. The organizations that work with your school to offer you placement opportunities have also mandated specific medical and non-medical requirements that must be met by you, before you can begin your student placements. These measures are there to protect you, your fellow students and those that you will serve in your student placement settings.

The Placement Pass Program is the service approved by your school that reviews and validates that you have met these requirements. Our qualified and experienced Registered Nurses will review your Pre-placement Health Form and required documents to determine if you have met the requirements and been cleared for your student placement.

About ParaMed

ParaMed Home Health Care has been providing exceptional-quality health care and support services in Canadian homes, hospitals, assisted living centres, long-term care centres, schools and offices - 24 hours a day, seven days a week since 1974. ParaMed has achieved accreditation with exemplary status through Accreditation Canada.

For more information on ParaMed, please visit our website @ https://www.paramed.com/

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